What You Should Know Before Driving for Uber

Since the advent of Uber, there have been so many things said about working with the company. Some are bad while others are positive things. Each driver has a different experience working with Uber so try it out first and gauge the job individually. There are so many people doing this job that you cannot lump ll the experiences together and make a decision based on that only, personal experiences are dependent on many tings including your type of car, personality, the area you operate from and the public perception of Uber among others. Before you embark on driving for Uber here are some things you should know in addition to the information available on the Ridester website.

1 You are in control of your schedule
Working for Uber gives you freedom to plan your work schedule and work whenever you please. You can take a week off or work any shift whenever you need some extra money. When you are starting as a driver with this program, you can experiment different schedules to find the right one for you. There is the Friday and Saturday party hours and the 4-6am people running to catch flights or travel a long distance before traffic catches up with them.

2 Payment is weekly
You don’t have to wait till end month to get paid; Uber pays every week. Their week begins on Monday 4 am and ends the next Monday just before 4 am. You receive an email with a link to your pay statement for the previous week that has just ended. You also have the option of login in on the partner’s platform to check your account. The earnings are directly deposited to your bank account every Thursday. Third party payment gateways like Uber’s instant pay or dailyPay can ensure you get your money instantly.

3 Ratings are crucial
For you to stay active on the Uber platform, the passenger ratings are crucial. You must maintain a rating of 4.6 stars, or else you are taken off the platform. A 4 star is a failing grade when it comes o Uber. The main points to help you get good customer feedback is to work on your navigation especially if you are a new driver and work on being friendly to the passenger.

4 There’s an Uber drivers platform
Before you start working, you must log in to the driver’s platform suing a separate Uber app. This platform can also direct you to the dashboard from where you can access your account information including payments. From this platform, you as a driver can take a ride just like other passengers. It is important that you take a free ride from the app to see how the app works and even talk to a real driver.

5 You can get income too from recruitment bonuses
Whenever you get new passengers to sign up, Uber gives you bonuses. Since new customers increase demand for all drivers, Uber appreciates you by giving a bonus. You can create business cards that include your referral code that guarantee the riders a discount on their first ride while ensuring you also get your bonus. There are lucrative bonuses too when you recruit drivers for Uber.

6 Customer support
Whenever you need to contact Uber customer support, there is an email given for you to use. There is no phone number, but your questions are answered promptly. You can also get help via the help section on the driver app.