Thinking Of an Escapade to Bromont with Your Family? Check This Guide!

Quebec is known for its natural beauty and weather, and if you are looking for a trip with the family, Bromont is a good offbeat destination. Bromont feels different in every season, and there’s something for everyone. If you are planning an escapade en famille à Bromont, here’s a guide for the things you can enjoy.


Quebec comes alive in autumn, when the trees change color. If you are here in the fall, make sure that you take the family for hiking. There are more than 100 kilometers of trails, which are free and can be a great way to experience the locales and weather. Most of the trails are free, which is a huge advantage, and you can take a trail along Lake Gale that has breathtaking views. Over the weekends, it is usually busy, but you will still find a path to discover the unknown.

Mountain biking

Most people come to Bromont for the love of mountain biking, and you can check Mount Oak Network, which is ideal for beginners. If you are keen on learning the sport, you can also head to National Cycling Center. In Bromont, everything is family friendly, so you will push bikes for toddlers, while adults and kids have all the modern choices. There are some amazing services that organize family tours to Bromont, so if you don’t want plan everything, this is a great way to get a custom tour based on your interest.

Learn climbing

The Backbone Block Climbing Center in Bromont is a great place to learn climbing, and if you have teenaged children, this can be a great family activity. The setting is just amazing and you don’t need any of the expensive equipment. You can also spend the evenings enjoying the coffee around bonfires. This is certainly a new place in Bromont but deserves attention when you are with the family.

Indulge in chocolate

Bromont is known for its chocolate indulgences, and there are some amazing bakeries and pastry places that you can try. A good must-visit with the family is the chocolate museum confectionery, where you can also buy quality chocolates created to perfection. For those who are looking for lip-smacking food, there’s Bistro M that is located at Bromont airport. You can also check the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, where you can find amazing vineyards. One of the good places of interest is Norl i Farm Alpacas, where you can buy some interesting products.

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