The Trans-Siberian Railway: Then and Now

While there have been a lot of changes to the Trans-Siberian Railway, this is still a wonderful and safe way to travel.

Image Source: Pixabay

While most people have heard of the Trans-Siberian Railway, not many people know a lot about its history or even more recent information about it. If you are going to travel on this railway and want to make sure that you really get the most out of your trip, it’s a good idea to learn some of its history. While this won’t necessarily change your trip very much, it will ensure that you understand the railway, its history, and how it has changed, which will give you an appreciation for how you are travelling.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Then

Finished in the summer of 1904, the Trans-Siberian Railway was originally announced in 1891, and construction was often being done so quickly that not all of the track sections were properly surveyed and built because of the attempt to keep up with the speed and demand of the job. The track took a lot of work, as well as many labourers who had to be fed and housed while they worked on the railway. Additionally, they needed to be protected against extreme weather, permafrost, and even bandits and sometimes tigers. The original train travelled at around 32 kph and the entire journey took four weeks, which is unsurprising due to the many delays that were caused by the line being built too quickly.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Now

The best way to enjoy the Trans-Siberian Railway now is by booking quality Trans-Siberian Railway holiday packages. The trains are heated to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible while travelling, and this is considered a fast, safe, and reliable way to travel. Travelling on this railway is also surprisingly affordable and is a great way to see the area, as you can travel year round and do not have to stay on the train for the entire time – which takes six days for the entire trip. With three classes of carriages to choose from, it’s easy to book passage that fits your needs and your budget, but you can rest easy that you will still be comfortable.

Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway is a wonderful way to tour and travel without a lot of hassle or fuss. This railway has come a long way since its inception over a century ago and is now considered a safe and wonderful way to travel through China or Mongolia. Learning the history of the railway is a wonderful way to make sure that you appreciate your trip.